Brazilian Cooking Expressions - how they can help your next meeting

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

I did hear this in a meeting this week. It was an answer for this simple question — "what are those circles and what do they represent?"


These are hypothetical placeholders for digital core components that will turn into leverage able emotional motivators.

WTF? If you know what it means, PLEASE leave me a comment!!!

As a good Brazilian Cook who cannot stand seeing people embarrassing themselves in meetings anymore, so I translated a bunch of very useful Portuguese Expressions (all related to food, thank you Rainhas do Lar) that can be perfect in almost every business situation.

Hey, all you "Leverage a robust application" people, take a look, maybe you will make more sense in your next meeting!

And do not complain next time I tell you you're comparing mangoes to papayas!

Quem não chora, não mama.
One who does not cry, does not get nursed
(you have to fight for what you want)

Eu quero mais é vender meu peixe!

What I want is to sell my fish
(to promote myself/my company)

Puxar brasa para minha sardinha
Bring the hot coal to my sardine
(to manipulate things so I become more valuable- to the company, a girl, a situation, etc)

Panela velha é que faz comida boa.
Old pans cook the best foods
(experience is everything - also has a sexual meaning: a younger guy who starts dating an older woman would use this sentence)

Pão-pão, queijo-queijo.
Bread-bread, cheese-cheese
(an eye for an eye)

Fulana se acha a rainha da cocada preta.
So-and-so thinks she is the queen of the black coconut sweets
(she’s a know-it-all)

Saco vazio não pára em pé.
An empty sack does not stand still
(will not happen on an empty stomack)

Fulano é osso duro de roer.
So-and-so is a hard bone to chew
(So-and-so is too complicated)

Fulano é carne de pescoço!
So-and-so is neck meat
(So-and-so is dfficult)

É o cão chupando manga!
It’s a dog sucking a mango
(Its really ugly)

De caju em caju.
From cashew to cashew
(once in a while)

Tô segurando a maior batata quente!.
I am holding a hot potato!
(I have a problem)

Aquilo foi o maior pepino!
That was a huge cucumber!
(big problem)

O cara é o maior come quieto...
He’s an eat-in-silence...
(does things without bragging about it)

Fulano me deu bolo.
So-and-so gave me the cake
(So-and-so did not show up)

Pimenta no cu/olhos dos outros é refresco.
Pepper in other people’s ass/eyes is like a refreshing beverage.
(you only feel it when it happens to you)

O teste tava canja de galinha.
The test was chicken soup
(the test was very easy)

Ela não é sopa!
She is not soup!
(she’s not easy)

Aqui, Tudo acaba em pizza.
Here, It all ends in pizza.
(corruption, specially related to local politics or top management)

Isso é mamão com açúcar.
That’s papaya with sugar.
(that’s easy)

É tudo farinha do mesmo saco.
It’s all flour from the same sack.
(it’s all the same bunch of corrupted people/top management that do not deserve to be above you)

Colocar mais água no feijão.
Add water to the beans
(More people are coming- be ready)

Fulano é arroz-de-festa.
So-and-so is party rice
(He’s everywhere, nobody knws exactly what he does, but he's always there)

Ficou uma uva!
Turned out a grape!
(turned out great)


houseofjenny January 30, 2009 at 4:36 PM  


I especially like the "old pots" and "neck meat" quotes.

Wonder if the folks at Kraft are hip to the brazilian cooking sayings...

thx aurea!

Paco Torras January 30, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

Sensacional, querida!
Vou linkar!

Joan Nova April 28, 2009 at 5:58 AM  

Came to you today via your listing in the Foodie Blogroll. This post is hysterical! Loved it!

Anonymous,  May 5, 2009 at 12:46 AM  

Don't forget "the cow went to the swamp..." - a vaca foi pro brejo - a big problem just happened...

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