Brazilian Rice and Beans

I met Amy for the first time on a street in Paris, and she was angry about politics and would not stop talking, I thought she was fun and invited her for coffee and we've survived a lot of Parisian problems, including "What do you serve Roman Polanski when he comes by" together.

She's been an important part of my life since then. One of Amy's kids just got arrested on a Criminal Sleeper charge (partying too hard, confusing your friend's crash pool house with the neighbors' pool house) and now he just lost his cell phone in Shanghai, on a nerd study program. Last year they were all in a Safari in Kenya, not a tour, the real thing. You gotta love this family. After my kids, Amy's kids are the best in the world. And her kids like my cooking, a lot. Believe it or not, their favorite from my repertoire is Brazilian rice and beans. I am considering Fedexing it.

Amy does not cook, but she asked me for the recipes last week, so I guess one of the other kids threatened her "I either get the rice an beans or I will go get arrested too" There are just so many bails you can pay, Amy, so make sure to write it down....

Of course, I do not have any measurements, will try my best


  • 2 cups Jasmine Rice - ONLY use Jasmine rice, make sure it is not uncle ben's or Goya, has to come from Thailand.
  • Olive oil
  • 1 clove smashed Garlic
Put some olive oil in the pan (like 1 tablespoon)

Add garlic Add rice and stirr until translucent Add enough water to be 1 inch above the rice line Add salt Bring it to a boil, until waters starts to dry out reduce flame to minimum and cover, about 7 minutes. Done


Never, ever use canned beans.

I like Pinto bean, or small pink beans. No kidney beans.
Soak 2 bags of the beans in water for 20 minutes
Wash them out
Cook them with water and Chicken Boullion (I lke Knorr) istead of salt, to taste and 1 bay leaf After 40 min, add garlic powder, and onion powder (to taste), and 1/2 kielbasa sliced, and let it cook for 1/2 hour more.


  1. Now I'm hungry for rice and beans. I prefer black beans myself.

    Basil leaf? Not bay leaf? Louro?

    When should I come over.... I have collard greens fresh from the farm.

  2. this sounds yummy and since two of Amy's kids are in NY - I'm gonna make it. Their loving, most beautiful Aunt Lorna


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